Unlocked Secrets Hair Elixir

diva hair 179 Crop diva hair 178 Crop diva hair 180 Crop diva hair 181 Crop diva hair 182 Crop diva hair 183 Crop diva hair 184 Crop diva hair 185 Crop diva hair 186 CropMy first Unlocked Secrets Hair Elixir client was James, he wanted to have his hair blown out with a press. I had been working on a food grade natural and organic totally chemical-free hair softener for tight coils. He agreed to allow the service. I always ate a spoonful to let my clients know it is all good! ┬áThe product has over eight oils, fruit & natural honey and just plain old love. I hand create each batch and freeze it until I need it for a client. This is why I have not rushed to market, because it has to be refrigrated. It’s that natural and fresh. I warm the product up before I serve it and the client spends 45 minute under the dyer absorbing the Unlocked Secrets Hair Elixir into every fiber of their thirsty hair. This is an advanced hair treatment for dull unmanageable hair. It has essential vitamins to nourish and strenghten your hair. You will see dramatically stronger and more beautiful hair! The clients also experienced increased hair growth.


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