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My Client, Christine enjoying Unlocked Secerts Hair Elixir.


Blessings to you. My name is Regina. I have enjoyed helping my clients since 1984, discover their inner and outer beauty. Creating unique hair extensions which is a joyful passion.  I purposed to learn more about Cosmetology, and attended The Arts and Beauty school while I lived in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2007. This was an wonderful experience, much love to Ms Parker, Ms Bonnie, Mr. Steve, Ms Yvette and Mr.Roberts, and Staff. The whole team was awesome. But Mr. Roberts said something one day that put all the pieces together. He stated, “Black hair is like a fine fabric, it must be treated delicately and with respect.” No harsh chemicals , no high heat and no neglect. On the other hand, a true life’s hero, Ms Bonnie, had us search out and learn what all the chemicals on the product label meant. Bless her heart, she is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Well, in doing so, I discovered that most products (even shampoos, conditioners and color) had cancer causing agents.

Around the same time I was discovering what was actually in relaxers and perms. The Instruction book basically stated that it’s the same compound that opens up the drains. I already didn’t  believe in giving or doing relaxers. This information sealed the deal. I declared I would not relax anyone hair, due to the fact that it has cancer causing agents. (Anything that touches the skin enters the blood. I learned that when I started my body wrapping business in 1999, call Divine Dimensions, Tropical Beauty Body Wraps. I believe that you have to detox and get proper nutrition and pure water into your system each day.) My quest at that point was to create a product that would soften our hair, just to make it soft and pliable. By the Grace of God Unlocked Secrets Hair Elixir was born.

I have hand picked items that are excellent for hair growth and a tool for ridding toxins from the body. As time progress I will be offering hand crafted hair products that have no chemicals whatsoever. The soap-nut shampoo naturally releases DHT from the scalp. Even if I where to offer a shampoo, it would be a soap-nut based product. I will be sharing various hair cleansing routines, and various recipes for creating hair and skin solutions. I believe in Ayurveda treatments for hair and the body.

I will also share how to create unique protective styles. What is Holistic Hair Haven? It is an online journey that will encompass a person from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. A organic feeding station for your mind, heart and soul. A spiritual sanctuary, a place to come and gleam and be inspired to live your best life. I enjoy learning and sharing. I am a licensed Cosmetologist. Let’s share beauty tips and insightful advice.

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